1. Welcome !
  2. Before your arrival we would like to introduce you to the house rules, so that your stay in our apartments is safe and comfortable.
    Please read them carefully.
    1. On the day of the arrival the apartment is available from 14.00 hrs. On the day of departure it has to be left no later than 09.00 hours.
    2. During the first day upon arrival to the apartment you are required to deliver to the host your personal documents and pay the entire amount of the invoice for a particular apartment (minus the advance sum in the amount of 30%, of course if you paid it).
    3. . Upon your arrival you take over the apartment in a neat and correct condition, and in that condition you are obliged to hand it over upon departure to the host.
    4. Thorough cleaning and arranging of the apartment is done by the housekeeper at each change of guests.
    5. Bed linen is changed every 7 days (and depending on the number of overnight stays). Towels are not predicted, except in extraordinary circumstances and at the guest's request.
    6.If the apartment has not been cleaned, you pay a fee of 30 euros. For cleaning the electric vacuum cleaner and other handy equipment that is available to you are used.
    7. The guest upon arrival deposits 100 euros as a guarantee for any damage, and if everything is all right, it is returned before leaving.
    8. Guests are responsible for their belongings and valuables left in the apartments, and the owner is not responsible for their disappearance.
    9. After leaving the apartment you are required to close the windows, the front door of the apartment and of the stairs, make sure that water and gas are closed, and all electrical appliances turned off, including the air conditioning device.
    10. The use of air conditioning device is allowed only when the guest is inside the apartment
    and when all the windows and doors of the apartment are closed. Leaving the air conditioning device turned on when the guests are outside the apartment is prohibited Leaving the air conditioner on when guests are outside the apartment is prohibited. if the air conditioner swiched on (when no one is in the apartment), the guest will pay a daily fee for such use in the amount of 10 Euros. Also, setting the temperature below 23 degrees Celsius is not allowed.
    11. The apartment can only be used by the guest who booked the accommodation. At the request of the guest visits can be allowed at certain times.
    12. Destruction of equipment and furniture, killing insects on the walls, disturbing other guests, and especially making noise from 22,00 to 08,00 hours is prohibited.
    13. Bringing weapons, explosives and flammable agents into the apartment is prohibited. Smoking is prohibited in the apartments because of the potential fire occurring.
    14.Using of equipment and facilities which do not belong to the apartments' standard offer is allowed only with the consent of the host.
    15.If a damage of installations, furniture, appliances and equipment of the apartment occurs, the guest is required to notify the host. If the damage, felonious taking of property occurred because of the guest's guilt, the same guest is obliged to compensate the corresponding equivalent value.
    16. Taking of animals into the apartment is not allowed. Exceptionally with the consent of the host.
    17. The host in emergency situations (bad weather, pouring of water, .. etc.) has the right (in order to prevent the occurrence of possible damage) to enter the apartment of the guest and he is obliged to inform the guest about it at the first next meeting.
    18. It is strictly forbidden to disturb the peace and order by arguing, making loud noises, playing loud music, especially in the evening hours.
    19. In the event of disregard of the house rules, the host has the right to warn the guest and ultimately also deny him any further provision of services without refund of the paid amount.

    20. Before each reservation confirmation, the guest is asked to read the house rules and confirm that he agrees with them.
    You can communicate your comments, suggestions or compliments to your host who is at your disposal every day from 08.00 to 20.00 hours or write them into the GUEST BOOK at the link: your comments
    For any want of precision and further information, please contact the host.

    We wish you a pleasant and comfortable stay in our apartments!

    The apartments' hosts:
    Joško & Mirjana Mišulić